Justin (vap0rtranz) wrote,

MeterMaid -- I will CUT you!

Dear City of Chicago,

Your metermaid has incorrectly issued three parking violations against my truck in the past week. All three cite code 9-64-170 as the reason for me not being allowed to park on Cullom St near California Ave, but my vehicle is exempt. That code says "this prohibition shall not apply to the owner of a pickup truck or van weighing under 4,500 pound". My pickup truck, a Ford Ranger '99, weighs only 2,700 pounds. There are trucks and vans that weight much more than mine and remain parked on Cullom without any tickets (like Escalades weighting 7,000lbs, and Econolines weighing at least 6,500lbs). I've been parking on Cullom since May '09 without any violations until this past week; the law has not changed, and the tickets are issued by your metermaid at suspiciously predatory hours (between midnight and 1am), so this reaks of metermaid-on-Vendetta. In every case the code has been incorrectly cited so all three tickets are void. Please confirm a the favorable contest.

Your high-tax-paying Citizen
Tags: government & politics, letters
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