April 11th, 2005

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Week of Linux Updates


Stupdity hinders me again! My X resolution problem lay in-between the computer and the chair. Turns out the Dell 600m with Xorg only switches between 1400x1050, 1152x864 and 640x480 resolutions!

Standardization struck again! My USB problem arose because hotplug wants the modules loaded before the usbd init script runs. See my resolution in the Gentoo forums.


My Xorg resolution problem persists, that being, I cannot switch to a lower resolution than 1400x1050. To think: most people have problems increasing their resolution! Another Gentoo user is having the same issue, so I posted to the forums.

XMMS will not start, so I cannot stream music from my favorites sites :( Updates to Realplayer and Adobe’s Reader, however, look much friendlier, and Ogle plays movies in fullscreen after I updated to ATI’s 8.12 drivers :) FVWM with Crystal is beautiful; friends have already noticed how crisp my laptop looks! :)

Two changes annoy me: touchpad and USB mouse. The sensitivity of my touchpad is irritating and neither synaptic’s driver does not load in Xorg nor does the kernel load psmouse. After updating hotplug and explicitly telling my new 2.6.11 kernel to not use devfs, I cannot use my USB mouse (with wheel and all)! It will be an adventure to find out how one re-enables dynamically created devices from usbhci.


Hopefully the tweaks from other Dell Inspiron 600m users will assist me in getting everything working. Here are their tid-bits with distributions installed:

general hacking http://www.loria.fr/~thome/d600/
general hacking http://paradoxinc.net/inspiron-gentoo.htm
Debian http://www.guilds.net/machines/600m/
Gentoo http://q.dyndns.org/~blc/html/laptops/600m/dell600m.html
Slackware http://www.pocketace.net/pocketace.php?pg=articles&ar=slackware
Fedora Core 2 http://home.hiwaay.net/~jjerkins/dell600m.html

Todo List: localize with DE language, switch X screen resolutions, install and configure power management.


I return to fixing wine because my laptop must run Evil Genius! (every megalomaniac should play this game). Since the 20050310 source fails to compile with Oliver’s directx 9 patch, I am recompiling xorg 6.8, gentoo-kernel 2.6.11, ati-drivers 8.12, glibc and gcc.