September 18th, 2005

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New Place & Laptop Updates

I’ve been updating my laptop ever since moving into my new place and just now decided to document it all:

updated and reconfigured mplayer so that firefox pops up videos, with divx support
removed libtool-1.2.x and updated to gcc-3.3.6
installed krellm monitors
attempted to patch maple 9 to .3, but java complains :(
reconfigured acpid and tested against cpufreqd under battery power; installed laptop_mode but it doesn’t seem to
extend my battery life -- runlevel switching problem?
installed i8k dell support but even forcing the module to load doesn’t make my volume buttons usable
relinked realplayer’s executables with aoss to improve audio quality
installed rdesktop and tested connection to win2k3 server
emerged ndiswrapper 1.2 and removed manually compiled versions. Yay portage!
compiled gentoo kernel sources 2.6.12-r9 adding samba and lm_sensors support