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March 7th, 2006


Zen Meditation

The Four P's A. Place undisturbed, quiet B. Posture legs folded pillow under buttocks back straight hands nestled eyes closed 5 minute settling C. Practice meditations designed to develop particular psychological state D. Problems meditations designed to overcome particular problems 1. Mindfulness of Breathing (anapana sati) purpose: settle into meditative posture; strengthen concentration, weaken invading thoughts, develop calmness 15-45 minutes focus on movement of breath in and out 2. Loving Kindness (metta bhavana) purpose: increase acceptance and forgiveness, lessen and dissolve ill-will and resentment context: after Mindfulness of Breathing a. begin with self b. focus on neutral person c. focus on loved person d. end with disliked person 3. Tonglen purpose: awareness of the negativity on the in-breath and cultivation of a more helpful response on the out-breath

http://www.acupuncturedoc.com/tonglen.htm 4. Compassion