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May 31st, 2006

A Hallmark Card

I got a Hallmark card today.  You remember them? 

I'm so young yet it seems ages ago when Grandma would send one.  I lit up when Mom told me I got a card; I'd tear open the envelope in a frenzy and mumble the words of the card, followed by a smile or a giggle! then pass it back, let Mom read it and tell me, 'you should write Grandma back and tell her how much you liked the card she sent you.'

I got a Hallmark card today.  The feelings from childhood swelled in my heart! memories of all the cards I opened and mailed ...
Then I noticed how perfect the envelope looked: the stamp perfectly centered in the upper-right corner, Grandma's return address was missing -- actually, there was no return address, and the letters of my address were a perfect cursive.  I knew it wasn't from Grandma; I prepared myself.

I got a Hallmark card today ... from Discover: "just wanted to let you know how much we care".  I laughed.  The families of the future, the ones who care enough to mass mail Hallmark cards, will be credit card companies.  Capitalism rules!