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June 1st, 2006

Originally posted to bisexual, where a argument erupted, and bi_people, where a discussion followed.

I feel the urge to get a spit a few flames about "the communities", meaning alternative lifestyle groups, especially given my disagreement with gay marriage and Gay Pride.  Let me start by saying that I identify as a bi guy (Kinsey 4/5, Klein 3.5), liberal democrat (socially liberal, fiscally conservative),  and anti-discriminatory (instead of pro-liberty).  Now let's begin.

1. Does Gay Marriage inferentially exclude polyamorous unions?

2. Do Gay Pride stickers, parades and similarly labeled events implicitly exacerbate the hetero- versus homo-sexual dichotomy?

3. Would not the support of Bisexual and Polyamorous unions or creation of Bisexual and Polyamorous events inferrentially and implicitly exclude the homosexual community?