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July 10th, 2006

The interconnectedness of all things.  Or is there a simpler way to say this? from minimalistic music to Buddhism, "there and back again".

I started listening to Steve Reich's meditative Music for 18 Musicians, then John Adam's monotonous I Was Looking at the Ceiling and Then I Saw the Sky -- which reminded me of how Sarah and Kim sing operas -- and finally Philip Glass' Akhanten.  These minimalist musicians compose pieces that can comfort or exacerbate my depression.  Their art is variation of theme: subtle changes amidst seemingly redundant patterns.  Appreciating these faint yet deliberate changes within the daily doldrums of life is one of the few sources of my happiness.  And life brings me back to Buddhism.  While listening to Glass, I read that Robert Thurman, the lecturer who I listen to for Western interpretations of Buddhist teachings, is Glass' friend; unsurprisingly, Glass is Buddhist.  That Thurman is the father of Uma Thurman, one of my favorite American actresses, was just icing on the cake.

Again, how else to say interconnected?

P.S. Some guy, who happened to abuse my first name, randomly invited me to join his abstract art group on facebook.  Hell no!  *ugh* just the thought of abstraction-ism-mus...ses or whatever.  I shudder to think, but I should consult Heather about my distaste for abstraction but love of minimalism.  Minimalism, reductionism: they see where I see life.  Give me the essential: where a 'single stroke of the brush is beautiful'. 

Perhaps a calligraphy group would raise my eyebrow ;)