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July 13th, 2006

Why Pay Taxes?

Why do I not mind paying (some) taxes?  'Cause I 'luv public broadcasting: PBS, NPR and our home-grown UNC-TV! 

I find the organization of public, media content fascinating.  Despite its national programming, PBS is funded through the incorporation of local, public broadcasting companies, like UNC-TV.  So my state tax is funding UNC-TV who in turn purchases programs produced by PBS.  Talk about anti-federalism!  Although my federal taxes subsidize NPR (through its parent: that infamous Corporation for Public Broadcasting), NPR is another incorporation of local broadcasting companies, whose expenses are paid more by citizens' contributions than taxes. 

So those tyrannical Feds actually depend on my donation or my state's budget to promulgate their evil plan to take over the world.  How impotent!  I scoff at those who say I'm being brainwashed!  Of course I am! by my fellow citizens, nonetheless.