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July 21st, 2006

Rupert: Big Bad Brother??

PBS' Charlie Rose interviewed Rupert Murdoc tonight, the embodiment of Big Bad Brother ... so my roomie tells me.

Murdoc seems like a normal businessman to me.  Lots of jibber about shareholders, investments, and bottom lines, as expected from anyone chairing the world's 3rd largest, revenue producing media conglomerate: News Corp.  You know News Corp! for sure.  It's any production with the word "Fox" in it, DirectTV's in its portfolio, as is the New York Post, and even Harper Collins textbooks.  Tonight he was proud of buying out MySpace.com.  He claims it's an investment in cultural content and advertising that he expects will overtake MTV (owned by archnemesis Viacom).

But Bad Brother?  Murdoc is Big, I'll grant you, but he commented more on consumer demand than on anything like corporate interests.  Murdoc kept citing how market demands move his companies, such as abandoning laze faire, or subscription based services of individual channels, because there is never a customer base large enough to sustain production.  He also noted that although iPods are interesting technological investments, such devices always need media content, such as podcasts of news.  This makes economic sense: Murdoc chairs a content producing conglomeration; its in the interests of his stockholders -- who are people with money -- to follow the demands placed upon their product, namely media content,  by consumers -- who are also people ... but with less money.  I don't watch Fox; Murdoc doesn't scare me, and if everyone stopped watching Fox then the corporation would follow the "changing market", to use business speak.  But people keep watching Fox, so *feh*

I really believe, and am saddened to imagine, that people are insecure about being consumers and would rather displace their capitalist guilt onto some businessman who is far, far away and can be personified as a villian.  It's like the Southpark episode where Cartman and friends find the Heart of Walmart.  LOL!  Gosh I luv' the philosophical propaganda of that show! (Its writers are paid somewhere down a long, corporate accounts line by Viacom)  I mean, would you make fun of Rupert if he sat in your living room?  He's 75 years old! 

... I bet he would have a good come-back line.  :D