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July 26th, 2006

Municipal Government: Unappreciated

I've become enamored by local government and this little kid's book, with its interviews of public officials and small-town newspaper clippings, isn't helping.

Warning: Begin Sarcasm

Basically, if I stopped paying those damn hefty taxes the town levies, then the following annoyances would finally poof away:

water - actually this service would return to the private sector from which it came; the electric companies rule!
sewer - outhouses don't smell that bad
garbage pickup - Dad always hauled it away twice a week, so I'll spend some gasoline and hope the bags don't leak in my car
parks - the swings I 'luv in the park across the street!  only kids use those.  And I'll risk a racist slurr: only the blacks play on public basketball courts.
sidewalks - Americans are suppose to drive everywhere.
policing - those police never found my wallet *argh*
firefighting - the only time beefy firefighters came to our rescue was when my sister and I lit a fire in our backyard ... in a open-fire free town.  LOL!  They actually demanded that they drown the little, leafy burn-pile with gobbs of water and giant hoses!

Towns are Big Brother, ignoring constituents in their aloof homes on the far side of town, manipulating citizens with Adopt-A-Street signs and other altruistic propaganda.  So DOWN with them!

End Sarcasm
Government is good.