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August 1st, 2006

Oringinally posted to bi_people where a good discussion followed and and bisexual with another thread.

I've changed my mind about gay marriage, and the change arose from an unsuspecting advocate: Sandra Day O'Connor.

Several weeks ago I admitted my skepticism about supporting gay marriage and asked you guys three troubling questions.  I want to thank everyone who responded, but that discussion did not convince me why a bisexual, polyamorous person should support a monosexual, monogamous law.  I think nothing nudged my opinion because none addressed the philosophy behind a law that honors types of unions that are not the ideal.

Am I Anti-Semitic?

Lebanon.  Yeah.  So, I just had to give this ivanlenis Russian a piece of my crude, economic analysis of Israel.

cedarseed is in Lebanon and a opens up a personal perspective.  Check her journal out.