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August 11th, 2006

Ron White

Ron White is my kinda' comedian.  He's the guy in all black suits, scotch whiskey in hand, sometimes a cigar.  Yea, you've seen him.

Now, before you ramble on about how the Blue Collar Comedy guys are ignooorant hicks, Ron was not in their series.  Maybe because he's not stupid.  Hehe.

LiveJournal Communities: The Tyrants

I was banned from a LiveJournal community!  At first I was shocked.

I was subsequently re-instated.  Now I am proud.

Ultimately, the banning/un-banning was a misunderstanding.  A maintainer of philosophy thought I was trolling or spamming or something after I reposted an edited entry whose original version he had deleted.  Regardless, I believe this escipade demonstrates the discrepency between the ideals these members promulgate versus how they act.  Sure, one could say power corrupts and maintainers abuse their responsibility.   That's insufficient.  My full EMO response: you people need to live the way you preach.  If you talk about living in the moment, then don't plan things.  If you say everyone's equal, then you can't draw comparisons.  If governence is bad, then reject positions of responsibility.  This hypocrisy is sick!

This maintainer, apperception, celebrates Karl Marx's birthday so I assume he is communist.  I'm sorry: I did not realize that quick, final censorship was bestowed upon a person of special position by that political or social ideaology.  Practically speaking, the USSR and the PRC did censor so I simply restate the discrepency between ideals and action. 

But I need not attack apperception because it is the community and LiveJournal's instruments of maintenance that I am criticizing.  How does someone become a community's maintainer or moderator? besides creating the community?  I looked through LiveJournal's FAQ's and found no democratic method for electing maintainers or moderators.  This situation is fine if philosophy and other communities advocate tyranny.  I have no issue being the tyrant of my personal journal ... probably because I feel entitled to some ownership for something I expend time and energy on.  Besides, I trust my friends well enough that I have never deleted their posts, nor have they of me, so there is some mutual respect that establishes some kind of order.  But a community with over 4,000 members is owned by its maintaneer(s)?!

The very term "community"  implies something far more democratic than it did long ago in Sparta.