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August 18th, 2006

Hardees MilksShake Cows

You know...  the cows are definently saying, "These HUmans make everything sexual.  Didn't we just ask to be fed, kept in stalls, and left alone?!  Geeze ... he's looking at my nipple again.  *MOOOH*"

Hardees MilksShake Cows

Fizzles Away

Just another LJ discussion where, despite admitting my skepticism, my mode of thinking is mocked and any effort I make to understand why it is heretical fizzles away with abrupt, personal attacks.  I've never liked the idea of believing onself to be unique, but if I am a heretic, then it appears a vast majority of automotons bar capitalistic competition of my ideas with excuses like "I have no stake" in the questions that I ask.

It is depressing being a serious person in a world of people abusing chill-pills.