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October 3rd, 2006

Running on Special

Today is one of those days where everything is great!  Surprised you, didn't I?  You expected me to say, "where everything falls apart" or something.  Hehe.  You are right in one way: I'm skipping my physics homework ... again, but for great reasons!  Optimism rules! (damned pessimists).

The day started with achieving a goal that I set at the beginning of the semester: I am 1st place in running class.  The two lead runners must be gaining weight or something because I let them get a head start and still overtook them.  Competition is victory potentiality!  Ah, the glory: YES! ... until I felt guilty and slowed down and let them pass me (OK, it was a 30 ° incline and I refused to run up that thing)

Next stop is the heart of Vagina monologues, aka. the Women's Center.  Sarah and I finally devised an evil plan to go eat super, together.  Tadlock is ripe for picking soon ;)

In other news of the day, a special assignment from agent 00-professor.  Scene: philosophy of education roundtable about g, the intelligence variety, and a reference to flawed, identical twin studies.  The professor squelched my argument for consistency by exempting the identical twin studies for sexual orientation from her argument against twin studies for intelligence, so I incredulously wafted aside her refusal to accept all nature v. nurture studies in the discussion.  I did hastily stalk her after-class for some verbal swordplay.  Our one-on-one argument led to a special reading assignment about scientific objectivity v. existential dilemmas that she pulled for her graduate students.  I feel so special ;)

Now the afternoon sun sets with an espresso drink in hand that cost 2 bucks instead of 4. The Baristas felt guilty, I suppose, about their broke machine so they sent me to their sister location for a free drink.  Cheap is good, God is great, and I vibe with Dao ;)  Booyeah!