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October 23rd, 2006

Principle of Paper Conservation

I generated 63 pages of handwritten work in 3 days.  Physics.  The principle of paper conservation held: I used the back-side of the paper YOU threw away.  All while sipping espresso out of paper cups.  :)

In other news: Coach C told us that we are behind and need to skip gravitation.  UGH.  Damn him! I'll study general relativity on my own. 

... and I farted so much in the library today that the girl next to me moved to a seat across from me.  Burrito's man, sorry.

I also found that my reaction to being rejected is quite normal.  Given this cast of characters:
Giraffe = me
Quicksand = philosophy community; Jungle = LiveJournal
God = community moderator
Death/Heaven = banishment/rejection,
Watch me throw a fit.