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October 27th, 2006

Special Thanks to These Professors

My Thanks to the Professors

Pat Allentalking bluntly and honestly about our personal failures and successes, and using inquiry method and chatting about McDermott's workbooks Physics by Inquiry and Aaron's seminal work Teaching Introductory Physics
Bill Bauldrygiving us free copies of his Calculus: Mathematics and Modelling, the first discovery textbook I used, and integrating everything with Maple, and for being surprised that none of us knew it was BioCalc
Karl MamolaThe Physics Teacher's editor-in-chief and my first physics professor is just down the hall when I want a free copy of the nation's periodical authority on teaching physics
Andy Grahamexposing my eyes to the visual encyclopedia of physics, The Mechanical Universe, and patiently listening as I banged my head over flux.  I sincerely hope he pulls through chemotherapy
Dr. Ofor being deaf and organzing 5th Dimension.  Our class was featured in Teacher Magazine ... Amy and I chatted just a few weeks ago; she's having some heart trouble and can't be a teacher.  I found out much later than he was teaching us poststructuralism
Gayle Turneridentifying my existential dilemma and pointing me to Rorty and my pragmatic philosophy of education, and being very real ... down-to-earth all the while
Anita Kitchensasking me be a coach for Math Camp (find me in that pic!) every summer and wanting me as an Instructional Assistant (twice).
She was shocked that I, a math geek, actually read her self-help book Defeating Math Anxiety.
Leah Shermanencouraging me to enroll in the honors Physics Lab
Greg Rhoadspermitting me to take Honors Calc II where enjoyed Maple again and proved hydrostatics to myself better than any physics class
Holly Hirstpermitting me to take a seminar in the logic of mathematics (after Adam highly recommended it) and hinting at Goedel's Theorem under every breath
Witold Kosmalapassing around his textbook A Friendly Introduction to Real Analysis and hoping that I will eventually take his course; but it was trigonometric hell!
Jeff Hirstfor writing A Primer for Logic and Proof.  QED
Pat Rardindemanding that we watch and read Quine
Pam Kidder-Ashleyconvincing me with cognitive theory and multiple intelligence theory
Dorothea Martinserving up Chinese dinners and using world systems theory
Bev Mosergiving me another chance and copying so many pages from her Schemata (German Reading Strategies) that I ended up buying a copy
Dan Catonmaking me become cynical about science and hate Sagan's scientism
Katrina Palmerchatting about "what's happening" to me and letting me makeup everything