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October 29th, 2006

Study Central: College Cookies

So it's a clear blue sky and I'm walking to study central, aka. the Library, with the wind blowing my scarf and my vintage Christian Dior sweater keeping me warm ... looking like a brown headed, nerdy version of this guy with my head down and everything.  Then this dude blurts out: "SO LETS GO STUDY LIKE THE COOL KIDS" to his punk comrade. 

You know ... I'm with my friend Retina on her a fix for cookie-cutter college kids: curve the grades down; make an A tough as hell to get.  This would hurt my GPA and probably hers but the reward would be smaller classes with classmates who put in that extra, dedicated effort and -- the best result -- it would shift the college cookie-cutters' grades to F's.  I figure that her fix would drop me down to a C student or at most a B but it would purge these slackers out of universities within a year by 'not satisfying Academic standards'.

So what happens to the punk and his comrade? no education for them??  Nah, society needs them.  I say ship them off to vocational and technical colleges so they can make money or whatever their simpleton goals are; let the university peeps do the thinking.  Learn from the German education system, yes, we should.