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November 1st, 2006

Androgyny: Part 2

Part 2 of my Androgyny Series is a silver medalist in British adversiting.  It's alcoholic, nonetheless. ;)

Campari "The Secret"

I bumped into an aggressive thread about this 'lil ad on another blogging site where peeps said it bullied hetereo-male attraction and re-typified lesbian-as-butch stereotypes ... I found it more interesting that the OP was responding to a Livejournal post, and it was an LJer who pointed it in my direction.  How the world turns.  :)

Pelosi: Republican Nightmare

Got to 'luv Colbert.  Here's last nite's flick:

Revolutionary WOMEN power! even decked-out in blood red:


Dedicated to Humphrey-Zeddy