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November 15th, 2006

TheApp: Intro. to Democracy

The enlightened policeman:
    Dear Editor,

After breezing through your article asking students to vote, I came upon a rather common error that people make when discussing elections.  Namely, there is no right to vote.  The Constitution only states reasons that you cannot deny a person to vote, reasons such as race and sex.  It is a plain and simple fact that some people should not be allowed to vote.  The vote should be denied to anyone who does not have some basic knowledge of our nation’s political system, and history.

Graham Shaw

WTF?!  ... I couldn't resist replying.

The stupid teacher (me):
Dear Editors:
In his letter to the Editors, -- editors who are more gracious than I -- Mr. Shaw would have us believe that we do not live in a democracy. He says, “it is a plain and simple fact that some people should not be allowed to vote” yet he neglected to tell us who(m) it is that determines the vote. Is Mr. Shaw alone endowed with the criteria for voting? or does he care to enlighten the ignorant masses of Americans of this meritocracy? I’ve easily wafted this rhetoric aside before but what disturbs me here is that Mr. Shaw aspires to enforce our law as a criminal justice major. Perhaps we Americans, despite being a People who are unworthy of voting in our Nation, should proscribe that law enforcement officials be barred from speaking freely. At least that would spare our editors from printing ignorant letters to newspapers.

Justin Pittman