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January 15th, 2007

Lennidt Missing

My friend Lennidt is missing.  Another one of his friends emailed me today from New Zealand because he saw my journal entry on an Internet search. 

Lennidt/Lennid/Leonard is very hard to miss !  Lennidt was vacationing in Florida over the Christmas/New Year holidays and has not returned to work in England.  He's a native New Zealander (think Whale Rider or The Piano and the natives from those movies) and has his tribe's tattoos on his arms and legs.  The tattoos are a unique feature because they are geometic: patterns of squares and triangles.  A lot of people mistake Lennidt for a soldier because he shaves his head and works out.  He has an Aussie accent (really Kiwi but mistaken for a British accent by many people) and can be stand-off-ish at first but has a bright smile when you get to know him.. 

Here's a photo from last year:

Anyone ever filed a missing person's report? 

The Miami police are NOT the heroes that COPS and CSI claim them to be ...  I was redirected to the wrong number twice.