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January 30th, 2007

The Hybrid

The Hybrid is a modern personification of the Oracle; analogous to a phrophetess yet mistaken for Christ.  She embodies the junction between mind and body; the connection of spiritual and physical.  Ronald Moore admitted this analogy in a podcast where a modern student mistook her to be a Savior figure instead of the Greek mythology Cassandra.  Moore said, "I thought of her, yeah, a little bit more of a prophet. That she is seeing- she is- the idea, in my mind, was she was seeing a reality the rest of them couldn't. That she- I always made the analogy- she was like sticking her head slightly above the water and looking out and seeing the truth of the universe on some level, and unable to really communicate that to the people that were below the surface of the water. That was always the analogy."  This objective view of the subjective via some kind of intersubjectivity is what I also see. 

I always see the Patterns, or I patternize everything.  Like the Hybrid, I seek something inbetween every extreme.  Between man and machine -- the Hybrid --, man and woman --the Androgenyne --, rational and mystical -- the insane gibberish of a prophet --, past and future-- the moment, like that orgasmic moment when a Basestar jumps in space and the Hybrid leaps in ecstasy.  The covergence of all things by their relationship to each other.  It is people's insistence in dichotomy that clouds them in choosing a side that inevidably drowns their self, just as Cassandra foresaw for the Greeks.

And you complain about how difficult it is to understand me?!  Hah!  I filter things when I talk and write to you.  Streams of consciousness are informative too ...