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February 1st, 2007

Professor Caton on CNN

*beep beep beep*  This just in: Dr. Caton, my astronomy professor, will be on CNN tomorrow (Friday) night.  This is soo cool!  I thanked Caton in a post awhile back for making me cynical about science via that dogmatic publisist, Carl Sagan.  Here's the memo we got:
Dr. Daniel Caton, astronomy professor in this department, will be appearing on CNN!  He was interviewed about the bright fireball/meteor seen over the region last week—his response debunks the predictable UFO claims.  The people at CNN said it will air first on CNN in the 10pm - midnight slot (the “Anderson Cooper 360” show) tomorrow night (Friday).  It will probably be edited down shorter for appearance on Headline News for the next day or two.  This is a pretty exciting event for the department.
So those "specialists" and "analysts" really are real!!  OMG!  ... I 'luv how small this world is. :)


An Overview of Basic Terms in Logic

    - originally posted to logic_forum where my original version was substantially revised to clarify validity v. soundness

I wanted to refresh my memory with some basic definitions in logic and hope that there's plenty of ambiguities to correct and clairfy because this list conflates what I read from Suppes' Introduction to Logic, the Hirsts' A Primer for Logic and Proof, and Carnap's Introduction to Symbolic Logic.  Tear it up!

And does anyone know the HTML code for the symbol that looks like a sideways T?  I wanted to use it instead of ∴ (the three dots) ...