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February 7th, 2007

A System for Analyzing the Problem of the Criterion


vap0rtranz (aka. Justin ...)

February 6, 2007


submitted to

The Right Honourable Zeddy (aka. Amanda ...)

for her obsession with epistemology, and such.


Drawing Hands by M.C. Esher

(1948 jpeg of litho)

STOP Feminizing Men! Feminize Yourself.

The school newspaper has been running a battery of feminist mantra about how to "fix" men.  Look, here's the deal: feminist theory is intended for women.  If it were about men, then you should have called it "masculine theory".  But you didn't.  If academics wanted an all-embracing theory of gender, then they could just champion humanist theories.  But they didn't (and settled for queer studies).  So theories that feminists advocate are, by definition, going to feminize men, not humanize us.  Men are feminine enough -- look at me!

You needn't believe me when I say feminist theories are dehumanizing.  Just listen to the theoretical BS that this paper prints:

"The Bart Simpson syndrome, which is the inclination men have to excel at exercising, partying, watching TV, relaxing and playing video games, is one of the theories as to why men aren’t as successful in college as women,"

PMS is just as real as this new-fangled BSS, aka. BS-syndrome.  Mmhmm.  What academic journal is this psycho-babble coming from??  Next let's listen in on to some gender stereotyping:

“'Women, from an emotional and mental perspective, are given many more opportunities to build support systems necessary to succeed in school,' Waryold said. 'Women are more likely to have elaborate social networks and be plugged into their community at a greater rate.'”

You know ... I'm at a loss for words, so "let's do the time warp again".  Men are intellectual and women are emotional --  there, that should match up nicely with this latest-and-greatest theory.  And the fix to the disproportionate male population in universities IS ...?!

"Reed said Appalachian can increase male interest in leadership positions by offering emotional development courses geared toward men."

Just STOP already.  I am not going to cuddle around cute tables and listen to women tell me how I need to open up more.  Sorry, I already use my journal to open up; I'll turn it in for homework and skip class.

Has it occurred to these pseudo-intellectuals that the modern university is a maturation beaker for adolescents who submit to enculturation, like the American Dream, and that today's universities are no longer centers of education in the traditional sense of the word?  A long time ago in a land called America, our universities were indeed festering pools of white men learning to dominate the woman, the Black, the poor but do feminists think they can overcome this cultural heritage?  I think the university should be a place where a student, by himself, can study without having to submit to the will of the student population.  Of course, an erudite feminist will appeal to pedagogical theories that correlate group learning to better learning, but such a claim is far from causation and it generalizes an observation, that itself is riddled with inconsistencies in assessment and intelligence, onto every man in college.  What I see throughout this trend to feminize men is bias based on gender, so I suspect nothing less from the so-called theories generated by feminism. 

Now that women are the majority, we Men shall be watching to see if you can resist the power to enculturate better than we did ... (while playing our video games).