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March 23rd, 2007

Banks and Governments are AWESOME

Yea, you hear me ( ragnarok20): "Banks and governments are AWESOME!"

Dear Bank, I felt pressured by a collection agent into making a check over the phone and I feel like this isn't the best way to make payments because there's no written trail.

Dear Justin, We'll put a stop payment against any amount the collection agency attempts to draw against your account.  We also offer loans to consolidate debt so let us know if you want to apply for one.

YAY! ...

Dear Lawyer, I feel threatened by these collection agents and the amounts they tell me that I must pay ASAP have ballooned into something much greater than I recall owing.

Dear Justin, You're protected by several federal laws as a consumer of credit, like the FDCPA, FCBA, and FCRA, and North Carolina laws, like GS 58-70.  Tell us (the FTC' consumer credit, BBB, NC Consumer Protection Division, etc.) if you have a case against a collection agency, credit reporting agency, or creditor so we can look into their business practices.

Thanks guys!

Dear Lawyer (again), I'm not sure if I can consolidate my debts because my finances seem to be in serious trouble.  My sister said something about bankruptcy, so should I declare?

Dear Justin (yet again), Bankruptcy is an option of last resort and to qualify you should consult with a federally licensed credit counselor.  A consultation fee my be waived based on your income (see the FTC's resources).

You guys are AWESOME!