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April 12th, 2007

God?! Eitherway, it doesn't change things

[This just shows that Buddhists aren't Peace & Love Hippies ... at least not all of us.  LOL!  It all started when owl_clan quoted HH Dalai Lama on science.  To add fuel to the fire, [info]owl_clan fired a subsequent thread with Chesterson's quote (about 'atheism asserting a univeral negative').  Not two hours later, virtual_anima decided to rebuttal by going down the 'atheism [or insert science] isn't a religion' mantra.  owl_clan just couldn't stop and I think they banned him.  (*shrug*, no loss to me; the guy was a big ball of Buddhism criticism).  Still, I had to give them all a good ole' shut-the-fuck-up!  *ugh*]  originally posted to buddhists a few days ago.

I rarely post [to buddhists] but this atheism v. agnosticism tirade has festered into divisiveness and I feel like some outside perspectives will help it blow over.

God?!  Eitherway, it doesn't change things.  We are not gods ... at least those of us who are human ... and asking such divine questions seems a diversion from the doldrums of our daily lives.  I think Pema Chodrin articulated this irrelevance best when Bill Moyer asked her about God on Faith & Reason awhile back.  (The link includes a streamable video.)   She stops short of opening the atheism v. agnosticism debate for good reason.  Our fellow LJer's over in </a></b></a>philosophy have resurrected the unending debate over definitions and fanaticism -- on whether agnostics are atheists in disguise, and whether atheism is a religion -- and the sheer thought of Buddhists debating the same topics as philosophers brings on a *gag* reflex.  As their threads show, one can trample any nay-sayers underfoot by merely defining the terms in such a way that antagonists are doomed to name-calling because there is no way to undermine the argument without changing the definitions. 

I find questioning God so poignantly, whatever that word "God" entails, is more disrespectful to the divine or the metaphysical because we portend to know what it knows.  Instead, I know many things about my life and the lives of my fellow humans, so it seems more practical to talk about us.  I encourage debate, but this topic's complexity circumvents the primacy of our humanity.</lj></lj></lj></lj>

The English Server

eserver.org is The English Server?!  First I've heard of it.  Kinda neat idea, on par with the more recent Project Gutenberg, but this one has an especially useful wiki interface.

So much to read!!  So little time ...