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April 16th, 2007

A First Composition

I'm trying to write my first piece of music.  Damn its harder than I thought!  I may have taken on more than a rhymically challenged person should ever try.  But the work is very satisfying -- its growing into what I imagined --, although slow and tedious.  Writing down every damned note!  There should be another way ... (I tried citing just chords on the sheets but played sheer crap because of improvising.  Hehe.)

Swaney caught onto my biggest problem: there's no melody and I haven't achieved this 'wall of sound', as he called the samples I played him.  So far I've played with three instruments -- strings, organ, and piano --, and toyed with the idea of two more -- wind (like a trombone) and voice.  Basically I bumped into trying to write a whole damned symphony!  (That is NOT what I originally imagined).  But my inspiration came from Philip Glass and Terry Riley stuff -- Glassworks and In C respectively -- so what I've written so far is simply a variation of a theme that sounds childish unless I can get at least five intruments playing simultaneously.  It would be a day in heaven to get my hands on the sheet music for either of their works ...

A secondary problem is tempo: I can't keep a beat at the speeds needed to make an intense sound; and my hands ache after playing Prestissimo for longer than 10 minutes.  A "music" guy online I was chatting with said he knows people who've hurt themselves trying to play Glass.  *sigh*

There's also a slight technical problem: my Yamaha YDP-101 can record only two tracks.  So I play a third instrument on top of the two ones that I record; that's only three instruments in the comfort of my living room.  Simply not enough.  Why make a digital piano that can synthesize 32 simultaneous notes but a pianist can only play 3 effective instruments?!  (It can dual-voice but that doesn't help overdubbing -- different notes being played for different instruments.)  Maybe Swaney's keyboard can record more tracks... but I'm a piano snob.  LOL!

Still, it's beginning to sound beautifully minimalistic.  :)

P.S.  I found some of Riley's sheet music for In C!  Yay!

Glass Prodigy!

encore! encore!