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April 25th, 2007

Pro-Jewish, Anti-Israel

"Israel" makes me utter profanities.  The concept of one ethnicity wanting their own nation is disturbing; our support of  ethnocentric sovereignty is revolting.  Israelis are just too damn dependent on the West being scared to death of the "Anti-Semite" label, and it's bullshit!  I should be able to say, without censure or mislabel, that Jews can pratice their religion but we no longer ally, by default, with their nation.  If Jews want a nation to call their own, then let them defend it without our F16's. 

They've had over fifty years and the only thing I've bought from their economically independent nation was some salt that was supposedly scooped from the Dead Sea (for my Mom over Christmas).  The only other thing I could imagine us importing are figs.  FIGS!  Their pitiful desert has nothing we need.  If we stopped subsidizing their economy and military, the Arab League would smother Israel in months.

China is cool.  China makes everything we use and has their own military.  And the state supports no religion.  *muahaha*

China Flag