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April 29th, 2007

LJ ate my long-winded explanation of why equality is undermined by the agendas of both liberal activists and conservative WASPs alike because both assume the principle of equal opportunity, so I've been reduced to merely saying that my original defense of absolute equality over on lottelita 's journal is now upheld by another member of the intelligentsia. Walter Weisskopf exposes the standard, liberal agenda against racism, sexism, and heterosexism as doomed to fail because they assume a principle that causes meritocracies. After posting my defense, I read The Dialectics of Equality and found Weisskopf concurring with me, as when he correctly says, "the union movement and the modern women's liberation movement use the same theory -- as in the slogan "equal pay for equal work" -- to attain equality." The same rhetoric is now used for the queer movement.  

Weisskopf defines the principle of equal opportunity in regards its effects:

  • [it] can serve its purpose to justify existing inequalities only if one believes 1) everyone has an equal start and 2) accepts the resulting inequalities as meritorious.
  • [it] makes possible the representation of the resulting unequal income distribution as just because of the initial equality.

Absolute equality is the only solution to inequities.  Any other position justifies unequal treatment via trivial reasons.  

It is so ordered(x-posted to[info]philosophy where a debate erupted! and abstractthought where some discusion followed)