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June 15th, 2007

Physics Spamming

I never imagined physics problems would spam someone's journal.  Have you guys wondered what's been going on?  Well I have too.   And it came to me in a dream! ... or was it TV ...


vap0rtranz: These afterburners deliver 200% fuel efficiency.
moosehead: That's especially impossible.
vap0rtranz: Not at all!
moosehead: Well, explain it then.
vap0rtranz: Now that's impossible. It came to me in a dream, and I forgot it in another dream.

Ideas?  'tis just another case of speech v. censorship?  Should I solve one?  Oh, you know beerhead_moose would 'luv to pick it apart; he'd spread something trivial so thin ... like if I left of a constant of integration that a simple check in Maple would rectify ...

I wish that I could quote his Lordship directly but I can't find mendaciloquent 's best line on philosophy .  He said something like this (after I earnestly asked something "philosophic"): We don't play with our food here.  ... Absolutely fabulous darling.  Simply fabulous.