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June 20th, 2007

Copyright Ethics

deskitty  and I had an interesting discussion on copyright ethics. ... that sounded boring. Again: Des and I hacked into each other's computers to convince the other of why ISP's are bad and O'Connor rocks. :)

Honestly, only conversations with you guys get me excited these days. They're catalysts for conclusions I've harbored ... This go around I was a bit stubborn about societal ethics ↔ laws.

    "Well, being embittered and jaded [pragmatist] as I am, the simple answer to most libertarian-ish peeps is Cast Away: the best life is on an island, by oneself, in a universe far far away; because we could talk about what people and groups ought to do and ought not to do until we're blue. For better or worse, those ethics never seem universal. So what matters is far too pragmatic for idealization; what matters is the law, aka. what we agree to do about it and how we're gonna' get along (or at least pretend to get along). Separating societal ethics from the law is, I think, unrealistic and disingenuous to the realization that people disagree yet we all live in the same world. So I hear you advocating your ethics but I also hear a concerned individual not wanting to infringe on other (possibly antagonist) ethics. Yet I only see the later possible for an ideal world where idealists live, so I'm willing to trample some ethics underfoot with a compromise that we codify as the People's Law. (And of course, it will never be Everyone's Law.) That is the conclusion you mention and the reason why I do not separate ethics from law --; although it's all abstract flatulence and practically purged of evidence."

Note: [] are self edits

Sometimes I Envy Micro$oft

I want this.  .NET emulator for Linux? ... anyone?!  This LJ MoodViews is fun to play with in the meantime.  Social- and psycho-babble at work, babie.

In other news, zhai linked me to the obvious: bloggers are narcissists, and members of communities want to win at thread games -- especially when it sadisticly amuses them.  (And that's not a complaint.  Think of it more as a hint ... from a hacker.)