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July 17th, 2007

Autistic Music

The computer can't even play it!  LOL!  Seriously; I downloaded Philip Glass' aptly named Mad Rush as a MIDI and imported it into Rosegarden so that my laptop would synthesize a (free!) performance on a decent organ from Musica Theoria -- when, just as the intense ending began -- *silence*  --   Hah!  The computer couldn't synthesize the volume and frequency of notes and just barfed.  LOL.  I find this very funny.  (The crappy sound card was trying its best and having difficulty in earlier measures; or was it compounded by the sluggishness of asking the processor to do all the synthesizing via fluidsynth??  Eitherway, the first 5 minutes are mesmerizing!)

Not only do humans get wrist fatigue from playing Glass' stuff but the "bots" crap out on it.  Can the hyperactive even listen to it?  I wonder if only those of us touched with some kind of autistic personalities can withstand the intensity and sheer volume for when music becomes transcendental.