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July 22nd, 2007

Stupidity III - RTFM

"Believing oneself to be perfect is often the sign of a delusional mind."  Of course the irony of that quote lay in who said it: Data.  Sometimes those science fiction writers nail one yet audiences just don't get the message.  (I have some geeks in mind.)  Here's another ironic one:

In other words: me = we.  Hah.  Yet again, most people who demand a (separate -- and sometimes anonymous) identity also expect conformity (despite many assumptions of anonymity, such as those seen in role playing on the Internet, multiple personalities IR-psychotic-L, etc).  Those who don't meet those expectations are stupid, aka. "not me", or at least "not like me" ... with an under-the-breathe "thank goodness".  Absolutely perfect -- to be redundant. :)  EOL.

Natural High

Kim came over.  She brought a Black Cat's burrito with her.  We talked for a few hours, and now I'm enjoying a slight high -- albeit natural (no drugs).

Anyways, the world is a beautiful place ... even the bad stuff.  It reminds me of what my 11th grade (AP) English teacher said about Star Wars: 'it's a classic struggle'; and then she'd smile in a giddy way -- especially for an old woman who should have retired a decade before.  Only recently did I understand what she meant.  :)