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August 13th, 2007

Twilight Zone

Things seem to be moving faster ... but not fast enough.  I'm averaging ~7hrs of sleep ever since being rejected by App and switching to job hunting yet I still run out of time.  There's a mighty long ToDo list on my laptop and things are backlogging, so its time to reflect.

  • BuyMyLibrary: upload spreadsheet to Amazon
    • buy, Buy! BUY!!
  • JobHunt
    • submitted application to Google
    • created Monster and Dice accounts; uploaded resume
    • checking NCESC and newspaper
  • developing online portolio
    • website online - such a simple statement for a complex task
    • refreshing old, programming memory banks
      • brushing the dust off my O'Reilly collection
    • swinging into AIM/YIM to make contacts
  • setup semantic wiki
    • this will be my life's work ... laugh all you want (-- I'm damn tired of being told I'm wrong simply because my mind isn't indexed and searchable.  There is no time to recall everything; there is only time to build upon everything before.)  It will house everything I can convey via sight and sound.
  • restarted meds.  *ugh*
    • In-Real-Life
      • great lunch and dinner conversations with my sister and aunt, aka. I'm not insane; it's nice to talk about these things
      • continuing to rebuild relations with these folks
  • DAW
    • abandoned new hardware idea after several options failed
    • resolving synthesis issues
  • bills
    • fuck 'em
    • bankruptcy

Mad?? over a Car?!

Two maddening experiences in one day -- and they were both over cars.

The first happened when a Floridian "gentleman" on vacation bellowed that he had circled the parking lot many times and there was "NO WHERE" to park, and that he was not going to park next door (where it was too dark for his 'GPS enabled Lexus'); so he finished those ultimatums with the question, "What are you going to do about it?!"

Ummm. My heart was racing, the pen in my hand was shaking, and I felt like this belligerent beast would lash out at me any moment because I couldn't create a parking lot "out of thin air" (as I said). Later he scowls about his mother being handicap and how we obviously have never heard of the ACLU. Ummm... your Mom walked in and out of the door just fine and she's not driving. Eitherway, I was convinced that my mental (in)abilities outweigh her physical ones -- like the panic attack he almost festered.

The second incident was more ironic. I walk up to help a neighbor push his broke-ass car out of the middle of the road, yet all he can do is leaving me hanging so he can get a better angle at kicking the doors, beating on the hood, and profusely swearing that it was, "A mother-fucker piece of shit", etc.  Ummm: dude, I'm here to help you, not the car. It's just a car. You aren't dying -- well, not immediately ... but IF you were bleeding to death, then maybe it would be the 'end of the world', as you say. 

I just can't get mad over material stuff.  It's just stuff.  When people get mad over stuff like cars, I can't hold back the chuckles.  And that just makes them madder.  Hehe :)  People matter.  (And yes: that two-word conclusion is a pun.)