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August 16th, 2007

!Ho (or Not Whore)

In traditional Justin spirit -- whose past has brought about demands for bisexuality and absolute equality -- I am finally pursuing "!Ho", or "Not Whore". I'll digest that phrase: it's the combination of math/computer speak (-- the beginning bang character --) and colloquial/street speak. Essentially it means I'll be swimming against the promiscuous tide of gays and feminists and such who are insidiously infecting liberal or open-minded people with the sex-is-good mantra. Nothing is universally "good", my dear friends. Yin-yang should have taught us that principle. Some of my friends will probably know the recent impetus for such a counter-revolutionary reaction to the sexuality bandwagon, or you might have extrapolated some reasons from our recent chats; eitherway, I've actually been searching for ways to reduce or squash my sexual drive for several years and arrived at different solutions. My recent experiences, however, have served as the catalyst for a moderate solution.  Anaphrodisiacs.  That's right: "not aphrodisiacs".  Herbs ... and some good ol' drugs.

Luckily the anti-herbal, Viagra and erectile disfunction marketing, FDA-idolizing medicine doctors of today have actually found some decent correlations between sexual activity and chemical or biological agents. The majority of these correlations were found to rid society of the perverts: the paraphilias, sexual criminals, and hornie old people in nursing homes (rubbin' up on the sexy nurses). These studies, I just discovered, found that male sex drives can be controlled by three biochemical changes to our physiologies.

1.  Male libido can be substantially squashed by a combination of estrogen and anti-androgens. Duh! it's all about the gonads!  (And women are really anti-hypersexual?!)  The two most common drug cocktails are cyproterone acetate and medoxyprogesteron acetate; both are injected and prescribed, so I can't use this method. And there's a catch; an often unwanted side effect to these drug cocktails is femminization. Or, in the spirit of relative norms, that effect is actually desired and used by transsexuals, so I should say, "I don't want to be femminized anymore than I already am."  I have heard (from some sources) that I might be able to get estrogen.  Dosage: 0.625-1.0mg/day, orally.  See Vitex.

2. The Docs bumped into a second correlation after trying to cure depression -- one being the cure correlated with making Americans fat, which made fat Americans more depressed ... anyways, I digress -- : the SSRI's. Zoloft, Prozac, Paxil and all the other fat making, depression reducing drugs often reduced sexual desire because of their dopamine receptor magic.  An orgasm is, afterall, like a injection of Doctor Feel-Good.  More importantly, the anti-depressants also seemed to reduce compulsive behavior in general, including CSB.  Getting these cocktails going would be like eating cake ... seriously.  Or I could recheck St. John's Wort affect on receptors, if any.

3. Science found a third, biochemical agent involved in our primal desires: prolactin.  In some rare but peer-reviewed studies of Parkinson's Disease and similar, cognitively debilitating diseases found among the elderly, an increase in the pituitary gland's control of prolactin decreased libido, i.e increase prolactin = lower libido.  There seems to be some non-peer reviewed material that Vitex alters pituitary mechanism in this way ... but this might be some Chasteberry hype marketed to (chaste) Christians that I'd need to double-check.  Vitex 120mg/day prolactin increased; 240-480mg/day prolactin decreased1

A.  The Christian and Buddhist monks have their own cocktails.  As I already mentioned, Chasteberry was used by the former as a general spice at monasteries, and the latter use Vietnamese coriander.  Either would be delving into more herbal medicine than any intelligent but niave consumer should just grab off the counter and start chewing on.  On that note, Licorice root has been mentioned on a few sites.  DGL extract tablets: Doses of 380 - 1,140 mg x3 daily, 20 min prior eating
B.  And for shits and giggles: hops!  The scientists laugh at how many sexual encounters are precipitated by drinking beer because most beers contain hops, and hops has a strong correlation with reducing sexual abilities.  That's not a solution for me because sexual ability is not the same as sexual desire.

So with this list in hand, I'll be dropping by the local natural/health food stores and checking their OTC and herbal medicine aisles.  I'm appending Don quai, Ruta graveolens, Camphor and maybe potasium bromide to this list.

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