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September 2nd, 2007

I'm so massive no one can escape my immense stupidity. Sounds bad for the illuminating philosophers.

It's just too transparent to be fun anymore.  They easily admit their insidious intentions to undermine philosophy on LJ in back alley journals.  Mendy says:

</a></b></a>philosophy serves many purposes. For some it is a place for rhetorical sparring and simple entertainment. For others it is a place for them to test their ideas and their writing against an unreservedly hostile audience. And for you, evidently, it is a vehicle for moral self-righteousness, a place where you can impose your own standards and then pat yourself on the back for satisfying them better than others. So what?"

At least it is sometimes funny, like now.  There really should be links on the community's page to the philosophy on LJ index of people, the moderator forum (even though private, it hints at some clandestine motives), paulhope  's history of philosophy on LJ, etc.'  They reveal how we're talking about people, not philosophy or whatever.

too many kids

I'm usually anti-ageist but there are too many damn kids on here.  I feel like we're living in this spectrum:

                        ^                                                     ^                         ^
                       kids                                                me              old farts & toddlers
So I have to go backwards to explain that I'm talking about things founded on things discussed years ago.  At least the old farts and I just nod our heads in a mutual realization.  No words ... except maybe a good, soulful "mmhmm" and a naive smile.

A synopsis of my attitude about LJ, demographics, social edifices, and other things blogging has already been done by Calson