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September 3rd, 2007

humbly small

so evidently i work with one of Mick Rooney's 7 ex-wives. now too many people say they know someone who knows someone but, being a good skeptic, i've never believed these anecdotal acquaintances -- until today. another coworker told me about it, then i was shown Rooney's autobiography where he talks about her as his wife, ... and then the photo of the two together, husband and wife. it was really humbling. in a way it makes sense. she had this way, like her dialect was something that i always noticed as odd. it is one those articulate, silver spoon voices and her hair is always immaculately done; and i questioned her this twice, only to hear an ambiguous wafting away with, "oh i've been several places." it was odd because ... well she does unskilled, "demeaning" work. (whatever that means ...)

anyways, she divorced him, so Rooney claims, and moved far away to a quiet, mountain town. interesting. 'tis a small world afterall