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September 4th, 2007

On BPI and Convergent Thinking

"In tests of convergent thinking, there is almost always one conclusion or answer that is regarded as unique, and thinking is to be channeled or controlled in the direction of that answer. ... In divergent thinking, on the other hand, there is much searching about or going off in various directions. This is most obviously seen when there is no unique conclusion. Divergent thinking ... as being less goal-bound."  Touched With Fire, 106

This is not to martyr divergent thinking of deify BPI, but it speaks volumes about how people do not necessarily set out solving a problem with some answer in mind.  Some of us just start asking questions and stumble upon an answer, or several answers.  I actually find the latter more objective -- yes, actually less muddled by experience and intuition -- because divergent thinking doesn't pressume much more than a kind of journey.  Whatever may be, may be.