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September 9th, 2007

A Gem

Since the Mono community did not help with a minor problem (that I could fix if I actually wanted to get dirty and recompile some .NET and crappy dll's -- which I don't; it would taint my open source snobbery --), I'm totally hyped about using ljrb to analyze LJ entries over time.  Just think of the gobs of data waiting for trending, averaging, extrapolating, predicting, ... *echoes of rambling*

(The "gem" is learning Ruby.  Nothing is hard after C.)

A Delicious Barb (against Smarty-poohs)

The Great and Glorious A!

This little story made me laugh -- alot.  hehe.  It's simply delicious at poking fun of smarty-poohs.  Mmm.

"Do you know what A means, little Piglet?"

"No, Eeyore, I don't."

"It means Learning, it means Education, it means all the things that you and Pooh haven't got.  That's what A means."

"Oh," said Piglet again.  "I mean, does it?" he explained quickly.

"I'm telling you.  People come and go in this Forest, ... But do they know anything about A?  They don't.  It's just three sticks to them.  But to the Educated -- mark this, little Piglet -- to the Educated, not meaning Poohs and Piglets, it's a great and glorious A.  Not," he added, "just something that anybody can come and breathe on."

I bumped into this while reading The Tao of Pooh.  It's filled with similar wit.