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October 15th, 2007

Science is Best

force_of_will brought this little science idolizing fit out of me and I thought it noteworthy enough to keep.  The context was IQ.

So see, given our recent threads, this dialogue allowed me to come to this revised conclusion. Science is best. Be damned the inadequacies of induction, perception, peer review, etc. Science stays away from the idealistic philosophy, logic, and even mathematics by dealing with our lives. aka. Pragmatism. You say IQ might be socially determined/deterministic. I say the practical value of IQ is Adler's original application for teachers -- not the fucked up, American revision of it as an innate and immutable and wholly objective measure of brain-power. Treating all students the same denies children their humanity. That was Adler's intention; to fix the treatment of students in French schools. He didn't set out for science and induction to prove that some people have "better" brains than others. If Adler had -- and I am putting him up on a pedestal even though he obviously had flaws --; if Adler had idealized an intellectual capacity in of itself and presumed that intelligence as an essence could be measured by us, then he would have succumb to the same problems as hyperlogic and uber-rationality. Namely, the problems of impractical, self-verifying, and bias confirming ideals. Logic by itself is impotent (and non-essential). Logic applied to observations and even applied to rhetoric helps us do something, like solve problems or "win" in debates.  Seen in this way, logic is essential.