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November 9th, 2007

A Mainframe Perspective

"I started as an RPG* programmer on an IBM minicomputer (the AS/400).  I learned a lot about good database design and how to code enterprise software, ... I realize that well-managed Unix & NT boxes rarely need to be rebooted, but in my experience customers with Unix & NT boxen will put up with more downtime than mini-and-mainframe customers.  Sure, they'll bitch & moan, but in the end they just bear it.  Strange." ~ Jeff S.

Totally; I was made for 70's computing.  Nowadays, if a costumer actually buys a second server, they won't fork up the money for a second circuit.  If they do buy another circuit, they won't pay for colo.  *ugh*  IBM did it right in the 70's: everything was redundant.  Banks just didn't "go down" every other week.  Even a mainframe's processors have failover processors!  (Take THAT Intel Smentel ... with your just now catching up). So don't complain to me about how your downtime is more important that anything else on my plate when you won't fork over the money for redundancy, because I'm rolling my eyes on the other end of the line.

We really should demand uptime -- and in that light: success!  I finally found a mainframe emulator!!!

* RPG != Role Playing Game :)