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January 18th, 2008

Old News: Happy Baby!

So some old news:

1. I still can't believe they killed Benazir Bhutto.  ... well, yes I can but it just makes me hate our international politics even more.

2. I chuckled in an evil way that journalists wrote off Clinton after Obama grabbed the first caucus.  They're so whimsical.  ... or I'm dogmatically pro-Clinton.

3. I put down the security deposit for a new place.  It's exciting ... in a weird, delayed way.  It will probably seem less weird to write about it (and take pictures!) when my stuff is actually inside the place.

4. I love spending time with my new niece.  She is such a happy baby!  She loves walking around -- well, I walk her around in my arms but it still counts, and she loves baths and ... *sigh* -- she's just so awesome at brightening up the day.  :)  Maybe I'll post my sister's pictures of her soon.  

... Alright, I can't resist.  The first is a Hayden at a few weeks and the second is her just a few weeks ago!  She's got big blue eyes! (at 4.5months, so they're for staying that way, right?)