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February 7th, 2008

Clinton v. McCain: Moderates

Those damn delegates.  Now they've made this a real decision for us moderates.  It's going to be Clinton v. McCain and both are presidential.

When McCain announced his candidacy, I do recall saying to Steve: "Oh I'd vote for McCain but he'll never reach the ballot."  Well put a sock in my mouth.  I thought McCain was too soft for the Bible thumpers who put Bush into office.  Maybe enough of the warmongering Republicans have come out of their Churches and realized they've had enough of their sons and daughters dying for a lost cause.  (The Temple was lost ages ago guys.  If the Roman Imperium couldn't maintain rule and order over there, a foreign democracy obviously can't.)

Anyways: Obama.  Everytime I hear outtakes of that kid on NPR, I wonder: "uhuh, now how exactly are we going to live in your utopia?"  NPR's editors might just be biased but the programming was supposedly so liberal that Bush tried to wack everyone at the top.  Or maybe Clinton's staff knows exactly how long her sentences need to last.  *shrug*  If so, then they're good; and I like doing things well, even if it's mass marketing. :P

So yes: 'tis an election year for the moderates!