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February 19th, 2008

New Home!

I'm finally calling Washington Park home!  It's even smaller than Boone! just replace the hippies with doctors, and all the mountains with rivers.  heh. 

It took three trips to haul all my crap and I want to holla! at all my peeps who helped: Kim, Steve, Renee, Denise, Austin, and Mom & Dad!  ... yeah need more IRL peeps; the digital ones can't virtually move boxes *blah*

Oh, my landlady is awesome!  She's a Northern hippie in a southern desert of hicks.  She went to Woodstock man!  It's so cool; free love, all that jazz.  The third time we talked she just flat-out asked, "Are you gay?" and proceeded to hit on me: "I like nerdy guys, about my height, that are more fem than masc."  Ohhh weeeelly?!  :)  She's a sexy one -- wants to go out to a club despite 60 years!  Oh, but gotz to be back home by midnight!  lolz.

Anyways, will post pics soon.  The sunset pic at the website is just a walk away!  And my nook has this vaulted wood ceiling with huge windows.  It's like an indoor sunroom.  :)

Audio Like It's 1980! ... 1960

I've assembled my first hi-fi audio system -- for ~60 bucks!  No piece is younger than 20 years old and everything came from thrift/Goodwill but I am still floored! ... that is to say my floor shook.  Here's the vintage setup:

  • Pioneer SA-950 from ~1984 = non-switching stereo amp, brushed aluminum baby
    • continuous power output 20Hz-20kHz 8ohms @70W = THD 0.009%
    • DIN, continuous power output 1kHz against 8ohms within THD 1% = 87W
    • 10Hz-70kHz -3dB frequency response (non-PHONO)
    • 20Hz-20kHz +/- 0.2dB frequency response (PHONO)
  • Pioneer TA-950 from ~1984 = tuner, matches amp; bright digital display like back in the day
  • Kenwood DP-850 from 1986 = CD player, 5Hz - 20kHz +/- 1db, 90db @ 1KHz, .004% THD
  • Pioneer PL-200 - matching silver with auto driven arm and analog adjustable speed; one channel is out :(
  • Pilot Custom 33-35 from ~1960s = 2-way floor-standing loudspeakers; still sealed and on original wheels ... just subscribed to the Yahoo group for more info.

This setup is sweet!  I sat in the sweet spot and it sounded like I was listening to a live performance!  Glass had that WOW affect again, and I new heard sounds from CD's that I've listened to a billion times even with headphones!  The clarity for high notes is great -- the soprano in Gorecki's stuff is singing right there in my living room --, and the amp liked driving the woofers even for modern hiphop that was on the radio.  The midrange needs some help -- trombones and violins are duller or quieter in comparison to piccolo or organ -- but the beauty is how cheap this was compared to how it moves me.  And just 70 Watts?  ummm yea, it was LOUD at 10wpc.  I was watching the amp's power meters.  This is the first time I've turned down the volume because I wanted to leave the performance.  That was after intensely listening to Symphony of Sorrowful Songs and Harmonium in one night :)

Speaking of listening, I finally want to sit and listen to Einstein on the Beach.  A whole opera during one sitting!  haven't done that unless it was a performance ...

Update: Dismantled the "Pilot" speakers and found 10-15W devices.  :(  Those need upgrading but they still respond much better to bass than the 3-way bookshelf Sony's.  Also replaced the Kenwood with the better spec'd LG.