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May 3rd, 2008

Thrift Stores & Home Audio

Thrift shops are da bomb.  I got a Optimus receiver, 2 KLH satellites and subwoofer, and 2 Realistic satellites for 50 bucks.  Also got a totally retro, red and white sofa set for $100.  Both pieces are in mint condition! 


Optimus STAV 3779 - 100W/channel x 4 channels (but max 210W from 120V wall); 20Hz-20kHz @ +/- .3dB (slight variations for phono versus CD); .9% THD,
KLH 5525 - 5-175W max; 50Hz-20kHz; 6 ohm
Realist Minimus 7 - 40W max; 8 ohm
This isn't an upgrade from my previous thrifty find.  I'm thinking of using them side-by-side; the Pioneer for big sound, and the Optimus for surround sound.

I've also starting rapidly building an LP collection.  A thrift store in Raleigh that I stop at had an original of Glass' Songs from Liquid Days in excellent condition, and every store has had some 33" that I like.  Most are just $1, so it makes little difference whether I download a digital version of one song from iTunes or buy the whole album in analog (because of the quality differences).  Thrifting has also exposed me to so awesome finds: Alan Parson's Project I Robot, George Washington Jr.'s Urban Blues, and some new age stuff.  It's all wonderful; just needs a new needle/player.

gave the Optimus to my nephew.  Better than any all-in-one system but just pitiful compared to the Pioneer.