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May 19th, 2008

Bloodshot Eyes

My eyes are bloodshot from staring at computer screens for the past three days.  First there was an essentially unintentional DOS attack from spammers (and the fall-out from my changes that cut off customers were were on Spamhaus' lists), then was an quite nasty web server outtage from a double-whammy file corruption and rogue binary upload, and today I was determined to beat Exchange at whatever cost ... to my eyes.  This isn't a complain; it's an introduction to a new subset of journaling:  my techie blog.  I had wanted my technical work to be put into SematicWiki but I haven't made the time, so this will suffice for now.

On spammers: 1) basically told one customer that I wasn't going to delist his IP because he was making no effort, IMHO, to find to the root cause, and 2) people really should listen to wrong numbers -- I was actually making an effort to determine fraudulent activity when this asshole hung up on me.  Either a) someone stole his identity to create the accounts that spammed us, or b) he was the spammer.  Eitherway he should have listened.  Since he didn't and pissed me off, I'm going to submit his contact and billing information as the source in my CAN-SPAM report to the DA.  Fuck 'em; let the FBI grab you and your screaming kids since you hung on me like I was a telemarketer.

On black hats: I think we recovered reasonably well from your attack, and it got me new hardware for the rebuild  :)  It would be interesting to focus on security more and follow-up on my honeypot because I do take the breech personal.

On Exchange: MicroHard needs to publish more one-liner code snippets and less MCSE verbosity.  My sister got me the 1 ton, 1000+ page MS Exchange Server Resource Kit for Xmas -- it's got so much theoretical fluff in it that it'd float in pragmatic-G's.  "How to Design XYZ" never translates into a procedure and it's banal to see through.  The Windows peeps need to learn from O'Reilly's Cookbook series.  No; the Windoz peeps need to learn an old school operating system.  Any of the Unices will do.  :)