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July 6th, 2008

New Computer Lab

I finally moved the computer lab from its cold and quiet home in Boone to here.  Some things failed; some things needed reworking; but many things have been done.

First, I had to move all the shit up to the 2nd floor.  Thank the Gods Stacie helped.
Next were a series of ToDo lists:

  • Joey (Compaq Proliant)
  •   cpu #1 failed - a VRM went bad during the move.  I keep spares but the harder part was finding out that SmartStart is needed to clear the error.
  •   hard drive #1 failed - just some physical looseness; the RAID is still in tact but it's worrisome nonetheless.
  •   SCSI errors - backups to this tape had been failing with several I/O errors that I traced to an Ultra Wide disk so I decided to isolate the tape drive on it's own bus.  A byproduct was upgrading the RAID controller.
  • Joy (IBM 330)
  •   apache failed - the last update didn't make a link for a library.  I had thought something more serious had upset it, *shew* so my websites are up.
  • Jeorge (Dell Poweredge)
  •   RRAS failed - my last configuration totally fucked up internal routing.  I disabled RRAS, removed the 2nd IP, and disabled DHCP.
  • Patrick (old Dell laptop)
  •   decommissioning in progress - transferred all my personal files to Jeorge

  • jorc.local - I'm having to rebuild the network we had setup in Boone.  The first part is done.
  •   WDS - flashed one Linksys router with DD-WRT, stepped through a series of tests that verified a client-bridge wouldn't work for NATing, so revamped for a WDS bridge by flashing the 2nd router with DD-WRT.  This was a day's worth of work -- described in one sentence -- because of the back pedalling.

Overall, a very busy 3-day weekend.  I feel good about the accomplishments.