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July 7th, 2008

ThinkPad Snooty-ness

Some perks about my new ThinkPad.  I had forgotten most of them but obviously they had lain dormant in the subconscious mind of a picky consumer.

  1. hard disk parking - this had merely been a "proof of concept" for years.  IBM made it happen :)
  2. the night light - just perfect for air travel, or sneaking around ;)  Seriously though -- I often find myself trying to find keys at night and IBM fixed it.
  3. the red nipple - obvious sign of a ThinkPad.  It's a necessity for people who use terminals and typists who use keys more than mice.
  4. clandestine security chip - or TPM.  I'm really only interested in its ability to help decryption/encryption of keys ... and maybe partitions.  *evil grin*

Those are the things I luv about my ThinkPad, and they happen to be what makes it stand out -- so maybe I am a snob for all things unique.  Regardless, I'm probably rambling about the new laptop again because I feel guilty about buying it while going behind on rent.  *meh*