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July 20th, 2008

Heart Home

I did almost nothing on my ToDo list for this weekend; instead, I put a lot of TLC into home.  My place really needed some attention since I had basically plopped down the last bits from Boone and forgot about the daily cleaning routine.  (I do despise doing anything routine.)  The ToDo list became this: I repacked the closets to fit more crap, reconfigured wires and furniture for surround sound, doused all the wood furniture with oils or cleaners, moved and fed the plants, packed winter clothes away, swept, mopped or vacuumed the floors, scrubbed the bathroom, rehung paintings and pictures (due to other things moving), and just generally made the place homely again.  *sigh*  It's wonderful but lonely ...

... so I invited family and friends over for Thai, and it was a general success!  The curry made Judy's face flush but Renee asked for a spicier dish next time, so I will indeed have to split it (like I had promised).  Iced Chai tasted like cinnamon tea to everone -- *ugh* -- but Jason loved how fluffy I made the rice.  :)  There were eight people total and I loved serving!  It's so not Mrs. Dalloway, I promise -- just altruistic, hehe.  I can't wait till Kim moves closer, and I get a higher paying job so I can invite people over more often.  This dish and salad cost almost $40 -- only $5/person for a fresh, homemade dinner.  That's still a bargain even if I charged, but I enjoy seeing everyone so that's payment enough. 

I looked in the mirror just now and at the end of all this hussel, I look full and vibrant.  :)  This solitary stuff is overated sometimes ... sometimes. ;)  In retrospect, I am glad to have the place in order.  It was stressing me, or making me chaotic; and neither of those qualities are sought by employers.  Cleaning up may have been a better job than testing Samba and fixing Apache.  I just need to pick up odds and ends on a daily basis so cleaning doesn't suck up an entire weekend.  (Who am I kidding?!)