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July 21st, 2008

Soldiers = Christians = Botnoids

I had this chat with a Air Force guy -- don't ask why -- and he basically demonstrated that soldiers are the same beasts as Christians: they're presumptuous Botnoids sent by Beelzebub to mesmerize people's thoughts into tangential submission.

  • Submission: there are wrong ideas and everyone is having them -- excluding the speaker, naturally
  • Tangential: all these wrong ideas are related to inexplicably wrong ideas.  (And it is, therefore, quite difficult to form any conclusion based on the conversation's introduction.)
  • Mesmerize: like a siege, the Botnoids bombard by a monologue of rightness
  • Presumptuous: you need not testify your wrongess; the Botnoids already know how you think
I hate to call anyone "stupid" so I'll just say they're all wrong*.  LOL!

*Note: Peter is an exception to this presumptuous over-generalization, as I imagine Unlce Ron is as well but we haven't seriously talked about life, the universe, and everything.