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December 23rd, 2008

I miss (1) math, (2) logic.

Had a happy math nostalgia day!  This was my attempt to clarify Microsoft's technical jargon about computer names.  Talk about acronym dropping!  :P


Awhile back it sounded like there were three names involved with [..]/MS joins but [application_developers_name]'s synopsis clarifies a fourth. 


I hear of a 1) hostname for (a) local box in /etc/hosts, and (b) DNS that generates a FQDN, 2) NETBIOS name - pre-win2k NTLM/SMB negotiations that we had been copying from (1a), 3) principal name for Kerberos (SPN) - comes from (1b), and 4) samAccountName - housed by AD and again comes from (1a)).  I had thought the NETBIOS name (2) was synonymous with the samAccountName (4) but only MS seems to use this synchronicity.  Only the FQDN (1b) and SPN (3) need to be the same (for SSO), as you stated in our previous email (in an unrelated thread). 


The hostname and NETBIOS name serve the same purpose but via different protocols (and OS calls, obviously), which makes sense if we believe the textbooks, so I was merely mistaken in assuming *SAM*accountname in AD had anything to do with the old, flat SAM database and the NETBIOS calls it responded to back in the day.  Today it sounds like we only talk about (2) if our stuff acts like a RPC client over SMB when, in actuality, we've only ever used (1a) for those client-server communications! [..] 


It just got confusing that we use (1a) as (2) to create (4) because MS doesn't do it that way.  If this is all correct, then the long hostname fix makes absolute sense.


... Godz I miss math!!  ... (1a) + (4) = barf